Transform Your Commercial Space With Innovative Vant Wall Panels

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by Jeffrey Weldler, Vant

Remember when many commercial spaces and offices went for huge colorful art that commanded attention in reception areas and on lobby walls? Investing millions of dollars into paintings, sculptures, and other forms of artwork and interior design touches was considered the norm. Back then, business owners thought “the bigger the better”, and that splashy decor spelled out success (and could therefore impress potential clients).

These days, though, we’re seeing more and more commercial interior design themes that actively veer away from ostentatious and loud decor. There is now a demand for understated and simple design details that don’t demand high maintenance and a hefty price tag.

Enter Vant panels - innovative upholstered design panels that come in a variety of sizes, colors, and finishes. While initially meant to be accent pieces for residential spaces, these versatile panels are now being seriously considered for commercial interior design projects.

But what exactly can they contribute to your business?

Beautify minus the distraction (and focus on what matters)

If you take away the loud art and decoration in your commercial space, you will be effortlessly placing the spotlight on your products or services. Sure, expensive art and opulent decorative touches may score first impression points, but, ultimately, you would want the client and your staff to focus on what really matters -  which is what you’re offering and what they are willing to pay or work for. In this regard, an uncluttered commercial space can work wonders for your business.

These days, many office and commercial spaces prefer to go the basic, minimalist route as far as interior design is concerned. Open floor plans and neutral, basic tones are all the rage now. The philosophy behind this seems to be “less distraction means better production and sales”.

That’s not to say commercial and office spaces have to be boring and dull - far from it. Instead, this preferred design discipline relies more on how people are free to move around, instead of filling a space to the brim with invasive art that can cramp both physical and mental space.   

Think of it as a visual cue that you take your clients and staff seriously. When they sit down in a lounge or reception area, they can lean back against something cushiony and beautiful at the same time. Your office can offer better mobility for your staff and clients, as they don’t have to be sidetracked by frivolous chandeliers or light fixtures, or art pieces that do more to distract than inspire.

Really, the possibilities and benefits are endless.


No-fuss installation

Today’s interior design preference for commercial spaces values versatility and convenience above all else. Now, makeovers don’t need the kind of disruptive renovation that halts productivity. DIY has become the name of the game without compromising the final desired outcome.

Design touches like Vant panels offer easy installation that you can do yourself, so there is no need to hire professionals or block off a chunk of your business calendar just to devote to upgrading your space. Productivity won’t have to stop while you install your panels to liven up the interiors.

The makers of Vant panels take pride in their patent-pending SimpleMount™ system which makes it virtually impossible to hang them wrong. All you need is a handheld screwdriver, some imagination, and just a fraction of your schedule.

The panels come with an instructional video to guide you, but all it really takes to install them is a gentle pressure to snap them out and back into place. And it’s easy to maintain, too. All you need is a damp cloth to wipe each panel down, and it’s as good as new in no time.     

Ideal for open spaces (and opening them up visually)

Vant panels are the perfect complement to minimalist, open-floor plan spaces. With their no-fuss dimensions and design, the eyes won’t feel assaulted. You can choose the color or texture that goes well with the overall theme of your commercial space, or mix and match them as you see fit. If you’re unsure about the kind of material or color your space needs, the company offers free swatches to help you make up your mind before you place an order.

And because they come in two sizes—30”x11.5” and 39”x11.5”, you can open up a space even more either vertically or horizontally. Using the elongated dimensions as a focal point can add width or height to your commercial space and make it feel less cramped. Place them behind your desk, as an accent wall piece, or as a headboard for the reception or waiting areas, and experience how they visually open up that space even more.

Level up your sound-proofing game

Functional and ornamental - who says never the twain shall meet? Vant panels offer not just a visually appealing upgrade, but the potential to reduce noise in a room, as well.

Upholstered furniture and decorative touches have been known to help absorb sound. Instead of buying cushy seats and thick rugs, consider using these versatile panels instead. Vant panels offer a plush and classy alternative to traditional soundproofing solutions (that are hard to clean and - let’s face it - often unattractive).

These innovative panels can also conveniently hide unsightly cables and cords for your office appliances and sound system. The panels’ width can cleverly conceal these cables, making the interiors effortlessly streamlined and clean. This way, you won’t have to invest in cord covers and consoles, or plan an entire system for them.

Understated elegance

Whether you choose vintage leather, micro suede, leatherette, cotton weave, or a metallic finish, you can rest assured that your Vant panels will bring the kind of quiet elegance that complements a room - no matter its dimensions. Uncluttered and clean lines will add drama, but not the loud kind. Plus, the luxurious look and feel of each panel lends a sophisticated aesthetic to any space, minus the hassle of expensive maintenance.

Vant panels offer the kind of design alternative that’s suitable for both residential and commercial spaces. They are beautiful and affordable, simple yet attractive, and are easy to install and clean. What more could you ask for in a design element?

Jeffrey Weldler is the Marketing Director and Interior Decorating Expert at Vant Wall Panels. Vant Wall Panels are the most innovative and user-friendly wall décor system ever created. They’re perfect for every room in the house, from bedrooms and living/family rooms to kitchens and the home office. .